We begin each project (no mater the size) by gaining a solid understanding of your requirements. This helps us create promotional product solutions that communicate the right messages and express your unique brand identity.

Virtual Samples/Mock-ups

Most of our products are Virtual Sample/Mock-up enabled. Create your own virtual samples by clicking on the "Create Virtual Sample" text under each product colour option. If the product does not allow for a virtual, and you would like to see a proof, please email us.

Standard Decorating Methods

Please see product page and click on 'view decorating information' to determine decoration type, set-up  and possible run charges. NOTE: Our production plants run from all around North America. Shipping charges will also apply based on delivery destination on top of product charges.

Debossing | The process of debossing is offered on most of our leather, koskin, textura, EVA, and simulated leather lines only. A die is created of your logo and then pressed into the material creating an ‘impression’ of the logo. Debossing provides a subtle, yet higher perceived value on many products.

Decals | To add value to some selected upper end products, a logo is transferred from a sophisticated computer generated program onto a durable adhesive backed vinyl substrate. Four colour process decals look stunning and are a great alternate decorating option. PMS colour match not available.

Embroidery | The logo is stitched onto the material using threads in designated embroidery friendly areas creating your design. Embroidery is an elegant and stylish way to portray a wide range of logo types. Embroidery is the perfect decorating method to add value to your purchase. Embroidery run and digitizing charges by stitch count do apply. Please send artwork for specific quote request.

Laser Engraving | Your logo attains a refined and elegant look with engraving. The logo is carved directly into the surface using a laser. The even and clean lines create a novel and detailed logo. Laser Engraving is most common on wood products and metal products, such as carabiners.

Heat Transfers | A heat transfer allows a full four colour process computer generated logo to be printed onto clear heat transfer material and pressed onto natural coloured cotton. This process allows for a beautiful, detailed logo and is perfect for halftones and gradients. The fabric must always be light coloured to allow for the logo to be seen on the product. Commonly sized at 8” x 10” for cotton tote bags, but other sizes are available. PMS colour match not available.

Pad Printing | Pad Printing is extremely effective on rounded, uneven, or slanted product shapes. It is also perfect for small and intricate logos. A silicone pad is used to transfer the ink onto the product. The pad can hit various levels on a product at one time. Ink colour availability is restricted due to the limited ability to mix inks utilized in this process. Pad printing is utilized on products such as: plastics, pens, aluminum, tins, rubber, cardboard gift boxes, metal, vinyl, leather and paper pad banners.